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Overcoming Mental Barriers with the ‘40% Rule’


So today at Learning it, Loving it we’re exploring ‘Mental Barriers’ and one which sets entrepreneurial alarm bells ringing the most and is being bandied about by the entrepreneurial world is ‘Indifference’.

Warren Buffet summed this up in a tidy little nutshell by stating:

“Obsession is the DNA of greatness.”

What do you think of the above statement? Would you agree with entrepreneur.com which says that obsession is the hallmark of genius?

Apparently, if you aren’t obsessed with what you do, greatness / fluency / proficiency will remain your achilles heel. Having developed (more…)

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Does Human Blood Really Boil in Space??

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Before we start today’s lesson what do you think this statement means:

My neighbour’s dog barks the whole night and it makes my blood boil!

In english we have the expression ‘to make your blood boil’, which we use when something enrages us but do you think it’s true that blood can actually boil in space? (more…)