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Podcast Lesson: Witch Hunts in Past & Present Times

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We love our podcasts here at Learning It, Loving It as they’re one of the best ways to train your ears to the sound and shape of the english language as well as other accents which bring lots of problems to students in general.

Today we’re making another lesson based the BBC Why Factor Podcast Series with listening questions, new vocabulary and a short writing exercise that you can post to us in the comments box below


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‘Where the Rubber Meets the Road’ on tire recycling

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Since moving to Brazil from Ireland if there is one thing that has stood out more than anything else, is has been the quantity and quality of the roads here in Rio. Not only do they go on for miles and miles but they can be full of traffic as well as being in a pretty sorry state. My student, Nuno, gave me the idea for today’s post and I hope it resonates with you. Now tire mountains can be recycled to make stronger, quieter and smoother roads! Genius Right?! (more…)