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Final Space “Transcripts” Training – Season 01 Episode 01 part 1

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Today we’re doing Lyrics Training with a twist – we’re using extracts from awesome TV series and removing words from the transcripts. This one, Final Space, is currently on Netflix so get hooked and get immersed in English!

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Killing bacteria is BAD??

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Hello everyone!

Yes, today’s post is about bacteria (plural*), phages and superbugs, which is probably best for students studying at Ensino Medio, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and ENEM level. We here at LearningitLovingit.com really celebrate students who punch above their weight’ (try things that are harder) so, be proud of yourselves if you are reading this. If you are at the right level, welcome, you’re going to learn about something really cool today!

Looking to the future, current antibiotics aren’t going to work for much longer. Wondering how and why?

*bacterium (singular)

Advanced English, CAE, Conversational English, ENEM, English Exams, FCE, IELTS, Intermediate English, Listening, Reading, SAT, Speaking, Teaching Resource, TOEFL, Upper-Intermediate English

Our Sweet Poison: Sugar

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Hello Everyone!

Quite a few of you I know are interested in health, diet, how to stay in shape and what is driving the obesity pandemic, so our team here at Learning it, Loving it have put this post together for you. Not only this, but Teacher Chloe used to be a competitive, natural, body builder so she is definitely into this topic and has wanted us to do a post on this since we began!


Speaking Part 1

Idioms to try and use today


  • sugar-coat the pill / situation – trying to make bad news or a difficult task easier to accept or come to terms with. There’s no point trying to sugar coat the situation, idioms have to be understood and learnt well because native speakers use them more than regular verb formations!
  • a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – when a bribe or some form of remuneration, compensation is given to help the acceptance of a difficult task for the benefit of that person. Well, he didn’t want to study for the exams but is father promised him a car if he got excellent grades – nothing like a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, is there?!
  • give someone some sugar – to give someone a kiss
  • sweet as honey – someone is very charming or pleasant. Teacher Leo’s daughter is as sweet as honey, she is always smiling, so charming and very polite!