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Final Space “Transcripts” Training – Season 01 Episode 01 part 1

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Today we’re doing Lyrics Training with a twist – we’re using extracts from awesome TV series and removing words from the transcripts. This one, Final Space, is currently on Netflix so get hooked and get immersed in English!

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‘Where the Rubber Meets the Road’ on tire recycling

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Since moving to Brazil from Ireland if there is one thing that has stood out more than anything else, is has been the quantity and quality of the roads here in Rio. Not only do they go on for miles and miles but they can be full of traffic as well as being in a pretty sorry state. My student, Nuno, gave me the idea for today’s post and I hope it resonates with you. Now tire mountains can be recycled to make stronger, quieter and smoother roads! Genius Right?! (more…)

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The learning habit

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For today’s post I’m sharing one of Leo’s favourite videos by Matt Kohr at Leo loves to use this when getting students to understand the right mind-set needed to learn a language.

In a nutshell, to learn English, or anything, you have to create the daily habit or routine of exposing yourself to the language – whether it’s watching TV series, YouTube videos or even reading. Whatever it is, just do it everyday and we can guarantee you will pick the language up very fast indeed.

CtrlPaint – The Drawing Habit from matt kohr on Vimeo.

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