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Relationships don’t always go well. In this short lesson, Kate will share her experience and you will try to help her feel better.


Use Google to learn new vocabulary:

  • Im over it
  • Cheating
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Relationships don’t always go well. Now listen to Kate share her experience. Can you help her feel better?

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Grammar: Reported Speech

Listen to Kate and her husband again and try to imagine how their dialogue happened.

For example:

Husband: I am not married and I don’t have kids.

Kate: My parents won’t like the idea of seeing me live with a man like you.


Try to complete their dialogue using the correct form of the verbs. Post your work on our Facebook page and tag this lesson to get our feedback on your submission.


Send her a voice message on WhatsApp +5521979816555 to help her feel better. Use some of the ideas below:

1- She is still young

2- Her husband was looking unfit

3- Many couples split up these days

4- Her parents would love to see her again


In this short class, you learned new vocabulary, listened to a native speaker talk about a real-life situation, studied Reported Speech, and practiced your speaking by sending us a WhatsApp message. If you want to learn more English you can use in real-life situations, contact us to learn more about our premium course.

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