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Another class on Law


It is my experience that students benefit best when doing interactive grammar exericses. With that in mind, I´ve designed one in which students are asked to fill out gaps as well as change words in parentheses so that they´ll flow nicely in the sentences.

Without further ado, let´s begin!


When entering _______ new country or returning to another nation, it is important to disclose items and money with the _________________ agents to prevent seizure or a ____________________ (FAIL) to enter or return home or another location. While some items are passable, others have restrictions in place which could lead ______ criminal charges.

The failure to disclose goods ____________ customs happens when the individual attempts ____________enter the United States or another country _______________declaring what he or she is bringing _______________ the nation. The person normally must pass through customs and explain what items, goods or products he or she purchased while ___________ of the country. Sometimes, this is money or personal property such as gold or jewels. The agents will require declarations based ___________ these items. Most incidents that do occur happen through negligence or misinformation. Other incidents of a rarer form are due to a lack of _________________ (KNOW) such _________ when the traveler is being used as a “mule.”

To help mitigate the damage of penalties and consequences of non-declared items, the person may need to contact a lawyer after clearing through customs. He or she may need to explain the matter to attempt to seek the best outcome with legal support.


What does the author mean by mitigate?

What does the author mean by outcome?

What is the passage about?

Why do these incidents happen?



What is sua sponte?
What is a nolle prosequi?
Why do lawyers like to talk like that?
What does the speaker mean by gibberish?


Here is the time for you to summarize this lesson in your own words.

Be  sure to talk about the vocabulary and pronunciation acquired and don´t forget to follow up on this topic on your own if you´re having lessons once a week.

Good Luck

Teacher Leo

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