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Gross habits you´d better change

We all have some everyday habits ________ are actually really dangerous to _________ health. For your own safety, and the safety of your family, you’d _________ stop doing these 10 things that seem good by mistake and follow some simple rules instead. When you were a kid, your parents probably taught you to immediately brush your teeth _______ meals, not to sit in front of the computer screen for ________ long, and to never stand near the microwave when ______ is cooking something. Well, it turns _____, you probably should’ve given ______ some of these habits a long time ago. Tooth enamel (the hard, outer surface layer of your teeth) is the _________ solid part of the human body, but it becomes softer _________ acidic conditions, like after eating fruit or some dairy products. If you brush your teeth right after a meal, you can damage them _______ removing the enamel. Obviously, your eyes do _________ tired after staring at a computer screen for a long time. But being tired isn’t the reason why your vision might worsen. Microwave ovens aren’t ______ dangerous as many people think. In fact, this appliance is made in such _____ way that the electromagnetic radiation it produces can’t get out of its confines. The human body is amazingly self-sufficient, doing for itself tons of stuff so _____ you don’t have to, and that includes cleaning ears. Cleaning out your nose can lead ______ some serious problems because you can open it up to outside bacteria. Not all kinds of food really need to be washed before cooking. For ___________, red meat and poultry should never be put under water. For a long time, people thought that sitting with their legs crossed was a sure-fire way to develop varicose veins. But recent studies show that it doesn’t lead to this condition at all.


BRIGHTSIDE is a great YouTube channel to learn English from.


Before watching the video, record yourself answering the questions below:



You have to clean your ears regularly 0:33

You shouldn’t stand near the microwave when it’s working 1:47

You don’t have to close the toilet lid when you flush 2:46

You should always wash your food before cooking it 3:21

Clean your nose out if you need to 4:14

Always brush your teeth after eating 5:31

Crossing your legs is harmful 6:23

Working on the computer is bad for your eyes 6:59

After watching the video, record yourself answering the same questions.


How many new facts did you learn from this lesson?

How many new words?

Did you learn any new pronunciation?

Extra activity

Using the questions above, do a writing or a speaking activity

Good luck and until next time


Teacher Leo



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