Tips & Tricks

4A Parents& Teenagers, page 28


Quick Review

Using a relative clause (That, Which, Who, Where), explain what a TEENAGER is.

In today’s class, we’ll see:

Yet+Already with present perfect

Make VS Do



PART 1 SB ex 1B Reading

Who is saying these lines (T) Teenagers (A) Adults


Talk to your elbow partner about a habit you or your parents use to have that annoyed you as a teenager.


Try this exercise on MAKE VS DO click HERE



Page 28 ex 3a

Try and guess what the people are arguing about in the pictures

Play recording 2.15

Play recording again and complete ex 3b on page 29


Grammar Bank 4A on page 133

Communication Skills

pages 101 & 102 Has he done it yet

Listening 2.22

Ex 5a

Listening 2.23 Ex b & c




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