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1C Reading Better and Learning Sayings in English + How to play ´Bluff´!

Warm up question

Talk to your elbow partner for one minute about why it´s a good idea to read aloud in class.

Watch this short video and make notes on what the woman can do to improve her reading skills

Reading aloud can be very difficult though, even for a native speaker.



it is a good idea to record yourself while you read.

page 13. Read the blog and change the expressions accordingly.

Record your writing.

Use Google Docs as shown below:



Hot seat

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What do you think ´Sayings´are?

Stop talking shop, you guys, and let’s eat and relax.

Teacher Leo

Go to page 14 and 15

Did you like any of these sayings? Why are they good for Advanced speakers? Talk to your elbow partner.

Find some sayings online on your own and test your class!

Card Game

One student volunteers to stand up, play the video and explain to the class how the game is played!

How to play BLUFF



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