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High School



At what age do students normally go to high school in America?

How long does High School last?

Do they have different names for each year?

How is High School different in your country?

In Brazil, we say something like: não posso perder meu último tempo de matemática. Would you know how to say it in English?


What are some of the struggles High School students face?

We will do a reading now. Predict what the article will say about:

1- Lockers

2-  Hallways

3- Classmates

4- Homework

5-  Stress

6- Sleep

Now click on the link below and do the reading. Please grab pen and paper to take notes on new vocabulary.



Next, we will watch a video I have learned how to say tempos escolares from. There is always new information in each and every piece of material. Pay close attention and practice daily for fast fluency.

There is a High School student on YoutTube who recorded a day at school. His video has over one hundred thousand views. To learn casual expressions and get lots of listening practice, click HERE 


1 Who is the man Cole talks to?

2 What was the sign for?

3 Why did Cole say the expression MIDDLE GROUND?

4 How do you say High School DIRETOR in English?

5 Would you like to share a memorable High School story?


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