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1 B class

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1b class

VOCABULARY TEST from page 6.

Good luck Learners & Lovers

What does the expression TO FEEL LIKE mean?

If someone is a recluse (ruh-Kloos), this means they aren´t…

Did you ever feel difficult to GET ALONG with a person? Who?

Are you INTO modern art?

Now go to page 6 and do the reading.


I love learning from SONGS. But the best way to do that is to find a slow song to practice your English. Also, you have to listen to only  THE FIRST PART  of the song because it will probably be too difficult if you don´t. Find videos on YouTube WITH lyrics and memorize the first lines. Listen to them 10 times and try saying them without looking at the lyrics!

Here is one by The Calling taken from a YouTube channel

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