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Weather classes Revision

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Hi Learners and Lovers

This week we have been having classes on weather topics. To wrap things up, I have included this revision class just so you can test how much content you have retained.

Get ready!



1 Tell me about a time you were in a fog?

2 How do you understand the phrase: My wife was feeling a little under the weather.

3 Financial problems in Brazil a few years ago were just the tip of the iceberg. Explain it

4 What are some things you should NOT do in a heatwave according to the video from last class?

5 What does Heat Wave mean in the song from last class?


This time play the song without looking at the lyrics and try to say the lines after the singer

Linda Ronstadt – Heat Wave



If temperatures soar they…

If you cut back on food, you eat ……. of it.

What do you do when you have muscle cramps?

Warm beer? No way! I like it……

Heat stroke is a ……



Spot the mistakes, correct them and post your writing in the Comment Box.

Hi Learners and Lovers

Why good pronunciation is important? Is it most important than grammar? Did you know expressions in English? If so, say some using weather words. Do you read in English good but can´t understand movies or native speakers talking fastly? Do you feel like native speakers sometimes doesn´t understand what you´re saying?

The situations mentioned above is very common. With that in mind, I designed a class to help you study something a little different: Pronunciation & Expressions

In today’s lesson, I will share with you my secret to improving pronunciation. If you are most advanced, test your weather idiom knowledge.

My old students knows teacher Rachel. She was a reference when it comes to learning pronunciation. She use many techniques I have tried myself like Shadowing and Ben Franklin. 

If you doesn´t know what those means click HERE


Thanks so much for stopping by.

See you soon

Teacher Leo

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