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Common phrases in American English

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Hi Learners and Lovers,

This is a very quick post on 45 common American expressions.

The girl who made this video is from Russia. Her English is great not only because she lives in the USA. The fact is She practices her English every day and probably watches movies in English just like your teacher does.

Are you ready to start listening to English EVERY DAY?

Start with this video. Next time we´re together,  tell me which other ones you´ve watched!


To rub elbows                 To pig out              Heads up    Wuss

There´s no such thing as free lunch

Need more example sentences with these expressions?


To go cold turkey       jonesing

Rub elbows

Heads up                    To pig out


Testing your knowledge

If someone gives you a heads up, it means that…..

To go cold turkey means that you ……….

To rub elbows is the same as…

To pig out means that you…

If you are jonesing for something, it means that you…


To improve your English you will have to do some research on your own. Please watch Marina´s video and complete the research with other cool expressions she talks about. Ignore the ones you already know.

Good luck!

Teacher Leo



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