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How to haggle

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Hi Learners and Lovers,

Haggling, bargaining, negotiating are different words to describe a process we go through when we want a better deal.

Our everyday life requires that we have some negotiating skills, for it would not be too smart to let other people always have their way when closing deals.

But how do we go about doing this? Are you a good negotiator? In English?


Someone´s selling a 12-month old bike for $$$, knowing that a brand new one costs $1200.

1-As the buyer, how can you pay the lowest price possible?

2- How can you get the buyer to pay the highest price possible?



Watch the video and find out if your ideas are mentioned.


Before watching a video, always get ready to take notes. There are many expressions to learn. e.g. [… I hope these skills get you off the floor running.´ If the speaker talks too fast, you can slow the video down and turn on English subtitles. Watching it multiple times helps a lot too!


Tip number 1

Tip number 2

Tip number 3

Tip number 4

For 4 more tips click HERE

What a great video! I can´t wait to go shopping and use what I’ve learned. Which was your favorite tip?


This class was about buying or getting a good deal. The Internet is full of articles on any topic. It´s a good idea to get into the habit of reading about what you´re studying in your English lessons.

How can we find an article to read?


A rip off             To bargain

Overpriced       Outlet mall

A steal

What a bargain




1- If you buy something for much less than normal, you can say the expression___________________

2- An __________________________ sells everything at a reduced price.

3- This is not usually OK in America—except at yard sales. So, if you see a t-shirt for $4 at a yard sale, you can ask for a lower price and __________________ with the person selling stuff.

4- Don’t buy that couch here, it’s way _______________. I think you can find a cheaper couch elsewhere.

5- Designer t-shirts are a ________________. Who wants to pay $90 for a simple t-shirt?

6- Don’t be _______________. You should spend more than $5 on your mom’s birthday gift.

7- Jackie: “Look! This dress is only $10.”
You: “That’s so cheap. That dress is _____________________! You should buy it.”


Did you learn something new? Don´t forget to revisit this lesson to keep this vocabulary fresh in your memory!


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