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Hi Learners and Lovers

Do you want to save some money and get extra English practice on your next trip? Here is a great tip for you:

B&B has so many advantages over hotels. Besides, you get to be in a glamorous house interacting with guests who won´t charge to talk to you.

Staying at a bed and breakfast is the perfect choice when you need a relaxing escape. You can find B&Bs almost anywhere you go, and they provide much better value than hotels. From personalized attention to delicious food, there are many reasons to choose a bed and breakfast over a hotel.

Watch this video

This video may be a little difficult to understand. But if we only focus on some key parts of it, we get a pretty good understanding of the topic. In the next exercise, we´ll focus on some parts of the video. I recommend you do the same at home with videos of your choice. Speaking of which, share with your teacher what the last video you watched in English was about!

Answer the questions:

1- Do you have to share a bathroom?

2- What are the benefits of dining with other guests?

3- What are some of the things you get at a B&B for free?  

4- What type of privacy can we expect from B&Bs?


I often tell my students to organize new words into separate pages on their notebooks. In today´s class, we will only talk about words and expressions that relate with holidays. Do you have a page for that?

Bang for your buck  – what you get is good for the price it has.

Continental breakfast – A light breakfast

Amenities – service, facilities, comfort

Inn- an establishment providing accommodations, food, and drink, especially for travelers.

Keep adding more words.


When you stay at a hotel, you generally get very little bang for your buck. You get a room that is usually on the small side. If you are really lucky, you might get free parking or a continental breakfast that is often lacking. However, many times these cost much extra, and you have to pay for other amenities such as Internet and snacks.

When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you get a comfortable room in addition to many free extras. The large majority of B&Bs now offer Wi-Fi, and nearly all offer free parking and snacks. One of the best perks of a B&B is the included breakfast, which is usually a delicious home-cooked meal. Some inns also offer discounts on local attractions and events.

Each of the rooms in a bed and breakfast has character. Since they are individually decorated, they each have their own feel. If you are with a group, check out each others’ rooms; you will be thrilled at the differences between each one. Some B&Bs pride themselves in how each room is different, and at some B&Bs, the rooms even have themes. Most inns let you book your exact room of choice rather than selecting a room type as you would with a hotel. Some inns also offer unique experiences such as sleeping in a teepee or learning how to work on a farm.

Many B&Bs boast very interesting or unique history; you will be surprised to learn how many are in restored buildings that are hundreds of years old. In the U.S. South, for example, you will find many B&Bs that were once plantation homes. In Morocco, you can stay in former palaces called riads (one is pictured), and in France, you can stay in authentic chateaus. There are even dozens of B&Bs that were stops on the Underground Railroad. Most B&Bs have rich history and stories; be sure to ask the innkeeper about the history of their inn.


Using the 4 questions asked at the beginning of this lesson, prepare a 1-minute presentation. For better results, you should record yourself.


To be successful on your trips, you should know the question words well.

Do this exercise and test yourself


That´s all for today. I hope you´ve enjoyed this lesson as much as I did. Please complete this lesson at least 3 times. Watch the video many times. This is the only way to make progress!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the chat box below.

Teacher Leo

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