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Is pronunciation important?

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My friend Mike studied Spanish for a year and learned a lot of vocabulary as well as verb tenses. He felt really good about his Spanish. However, after visiting Barcelona for 2 weeks, he came back frustrated. Why?

People couldn´t understand his pronunciation and communication was virtually impossible.

Sounds familiar?

If you´ve been my student for some time, I am sure you´ve heard of teacher Rachel.

In today´s class, we´ll use one of her great videos on pronunciation and practice together. In order to really improve this skill, this type of exercise should be done every day.


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Let´s learn!

What is a flap T?

What is the difference between the words ROOM and SPACE?

Can these 2 words be ADJECTIVES?

How do you pronounce OK?

How can we use the word STUFF

How do you actually pronounce MONTHS?

What does the word BUMMED mean?

How do you pronounce NOT REALLY?

Listening comprehension

Now teacher Rachel is going to ask you a question to test your listening comprehension.

If you are ready, click HERE

Practice time!

Write a sentence for each word/expression in the LET´S LEARN section. Try and vary the verb tenses — more importantly, watch your pronunciation.

Last words

Wow! Even I have learned some cool STUFF! Remember, this was only one of her many great videos on pronunciation. If you really want to improve, you should go ahead and do exactly what we did in this lesson: spend some time on the video; divide them into sections; take notes; pronounce the words/expressions she uses etc..

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See you soon,

Teacher Leo


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