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Think like a lawyer

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Hi Learners and Lovers

We´re talking about Law today. Let me ask you this: do we really need lawyers?

There is a great video I got straight off YouTube from the Texas A&M School of Law Media. To find out more about them, click HERE

Useful Vocabulary

Current                Jogger            Issue (V)                 Disregard       Attorney   Dropping by

Break into           Littering       Precedents             Sorting           Lay it on the line

Discrete              Fine                Fancy                      Ranking          Sue

Prior                   Peel                 Figure out             In a nutshell       In a clutch

Bail                    Dine                 Purist                  Sip      counterfeit debentures


Don´t worry if you aren´t a lawyer. You will watch a video which shows a case. Pause the video and discuss with your teacher what the officer should do. Continue watching the video to see if you were right.

Please don´t feel bad if you´re a lawyer and get it wrong. We´re only here to improve our English.


Here is a fun song for lawyers. Pause the video after every line and check your listening comprehension.


This is the end of our lesson. If you have suggestions or recommendations for our next topic, please let us know in the comment box below.


Thanks so much for dropping by.

Teacher Leo

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