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Modal Verbs

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Dear Learners & Lovers,

modal verb is used to indicate ability, permission, request, capacity, suggestions, order and obligation, and advice etc. While students use some of them such as can, have to and need, it is important to remember there are many others.

Today we are going to watch movie scenes in which they use a number of modal verbs.

My special thanks to Rob David Novis, the creator of this video. Check out his YouTube channel HERE for more videos.


Badges  _________       bostonpd

Stinking        _____________  Bad

Cut back _______________ use less

Put down ______________ let go of  something you are using


Let’s try an exercise. Click HERE  and fill in the gaps with the best choice from the drop-down box. I honestly think sometimes more than one answer can be possible. That means you should check your answers with your teacher — don’t always believe the answers online.


In this exercise, I want you to pause the video after each modal verb and explain if it indicates ability, permission, request, capacity, suggestions, order and obligation or advice.

My special thanks to Baztian R. For more of his videos, click HERE

So, this was your lesson on Modal Verbs. If you got this far you should know a lot about them. I will ask you to kindly record a message explaining what this class was about.


Talk about:

What was the grammar point?

What new vocabulary did you learn?

Did you watch movies?

Did you do exercises on the Internet about Modal Verbs?

Are you going to review this class at home to get more practice?

Thank you

Teacher Leo

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