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Learn ‘in English’

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Hi learners and lovers,

Today I want to tell you a secret: it’s easier to learn a language by studying something you love to do!

Don’t just do exercises from your English textbook. On this website, we always talk about the importance of exposing yourself to English every day — movies, TV series, YouTube channels etc.

In today’s lesson, I will show you a very nice video taken from Ukulele Underground

Have fun!


strum – play

ground – floor

chord – In music, C, G, F, Am7

Fret – the parts that separate the neck of a guitar

Suggestion: start the video at 2 minutes


Record a video explaining what you learned in today’s lesson. Talk about the vocabulary involved and say which topics you want to practice your English with

Our student Albert gives it a go…



Write 50 words about the topic you chose in the activity above.

PS If you post your work on the website, you’ll get free feedback from a native speaker

Thank you

Teacher Leo

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