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What can you cook?

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Hi, guys

In today’s lesson, we’ll study the most important thing in life: food!

Yes, that’s right. Food. Without it, there’s no money, or love, or health or life. However, food is not the only reason we exist, but also a memorable cultural experience and a way of keeping your body weight under control.

Unfortunately, today we have to worry a lot about the type of food we put in our mouths. To make profits, food producers use a lot of harmful substances on the food we eat, making us really sick.

Here are some questions:

What staple foods make us sick?

How can you avoid these harmful types of food on a low budget?

Here is a video on harmful pesticides:


Choose one piece of new information from this video you didn’t know about and make a short presentation on it.

Our student Pedro Esteves gives it a go:


Write an essay on the topic

“Everyone should only eat clean, organic food. Pesticides should be made illegal.”

PS If you post your assignment to this website, you’ll get free feedback from a native speaker.

Hope you enjoy the lesson.

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Teacher Leo

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