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The Exchange

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In today’s class, we’ll use an awesome video made by Youtuber Mrs. P. ESL tutor. She presents us with a very nice story about an unhappy client who wants to exchange a product. Watch the video carefully.


troubleshoot                          refund

receipt                                      packaging

clamshell                                  ripped up

purchase                                   warranty number

statement                                  brand

owe                                             exchange policy

out of warranty                        faulty

hassle                                          send it off to the manufacturer

repair shop                                in charge


I need one volunteer to be an angry client, and I need one to be the person in charge.   You now have 2 minutes to prepare a heated dialogue with your partner.  Use some of the vocabulary above and have fun.


If you’ve done the task above, this homework should be relatively easy. Apparently,  the manager wasn’t very helpful, so you’ve now decided to write a formal letter of complaint. This is something to impress even their lawyers, so make an extra effort to sound formal and assertive.

PS If you post videos or writing tasks on our website, you’ll get free feedback from a native speaker who will help you have an honest idea of your current level of English.

Good Luck!

Teacher Leo

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