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Writing: Scene Description

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Welcome back everyone!

Ok, so writing tends to make students run for the hills but don’t worry, we’ll try something simple. So today you will learn about the 7 steps to describing a movie scene better.

How to Do a Simple Scene Description

In a very grand room a woman stands in a black dress and examines a well-used target practice. Suddenly an arrow hits the target very close to her face and she jumps with fear. Turning, she sees a man holding a bow and arrow. He looks very serious as he walks towards her using a walking stick. While they are having a conversation he notices the necklace she is wearing. After walking to his safe and opening it, to find it’s empty, he is sure it’s his mother’s. Suddenly the woman no longer looks afraid but looks threatening. As she approaches him they talk until she kicks his walking stick away and back-flips out the window saying ‘Good-night Mr. Wayne’

First off, find this information in the description above.
  1. Where is the scene?
  2. How many people are in the scene?
  3. What special thing happened to each character?
  4. Does any one of the characters feel any strong emotion?
  5. What else happens in the scene?
  6. What is the result of the characters’ actions in the scene?
  7. How does the scene end?
Secondly, what tenses do the highlighted verbs use?


Present Simple (a woman stands, he notices etc) & Present Continuous (they are having, she is wearing)

And that is pretty much all there is to it!


Pick a scene from Paperman and follow the 7 easy steps. Your ability to speak and describe situations will improve a lot.

Good luck and don’t forget to drop us a comment below,

Happy Writing,

Teacher Leo

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