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Does Human Blood Really Boil in Space??

Before we start today’s lesson what do you think this statement means:

My neighbour’s dog barks the whole night and it makes my blood boil!

In english we have the expression ‘to make your blood boil’, which we use when something enrages us but do you think it’s true that blood can actually boil in space?

A few more warm-up thoughts

What myths / facts do you know about space and space travel? eyes / exploding / boiling?What do you think about space travel? pointless / critical
What do you imagine happens to a body if it is exposed to the vacuum of space?


Space Idioms

  • Once in a blue moon: for something that rarely happens. A blue moon isn’t actually blue. It’s just a name for a second full moon in one month of the solar calendar. This only happens every two to three years.
  • Over the moon about something: extremely happy about something
  • Somebody is on another planet: somebody’s thoughts are being distracted by something
  • Somebody is a complete space cadet: a person who is a bit odd, a bit spacey
  • Aim for the stars: set your dreams as high as the stars. To be ambitious
  • Out of this world: something is incredible
  • Cooled off: can be used to describe calming down after a big argument


Can you make up a story using all the idioms above? Try it out as either a writing or speaking exercise. Here is Teacher Chloe’s attempt:

I was lying in bed late one morning, which only happens once in a blue moon, when I suddenly got a message. ‘You’ve won the lottery’ it said. I was so over the moon I jumped out of bed. I was dreaming about what I was going to spend all that lovely money on so much that my students noticed and said I was on another planet. I couldn’t be mad at them because they where using an idiom that was out of this world. Please don’t pay attention to your space cadet teacher, I told them, focus on getting top marks in your English exams and aim for the stars. Unfortunately when I rang up the lottery company to make a claim they told me that I had received a fake email. First I was crushed by the disappointment, then my blood boiled, but then, when I cooled off, I was more philosophical, at least I haven’t been sucked into the vacuum of space!



  • Float Off: floating is like flying without direction. A bubble floats on air
  • Boil: water boils when it reaches 100 °C
  • Froth: when a liquid gets many small bubbles in it
  • To draw the heat off something: when something is cooled down
  • To draw blood from something: when blood is taken out of something
  • It’s worth seeing that again: let’s see that again because it was really interesting


There’s only a few questions this time but as in our other posts, the answers are at the bottom of this post 🙂

  1. If your space mask gets broken would you instantly freeze? (0:05)
  2. What causes your blood to boil? (0:20)
  3. Is holding your breath a good idea in space? (0:27)

Now watch this video from Dara Ó Briain’s Science Club. Don’t worry if you don’t understand him very well – he does speak very fast but what happens in the video is VERY cool!


  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Load in the marshmallows
  • Expand / Contract
  • Decreased / Increased / Equalised Pressure
  • Shrunk
  • Crushed
  • Raisins

This is a fun exercise. Watch this video on what happens when you put 30 marshmallows in a vacuum chamber. Then, turn the sound right down and record a new voice over! Use the words above that are from the video to help you. I’d love to see how you get on so why not get your phone out and record a new video with the marshmallows in the background and you speaking over it! I’d love to see how you get on so drop a Google Drive / Dropbox link to your video in the comments box below

I can’t wait to see them!!



Listening Answers

  1. No. A vacuum is a poor conductor of heat so due to the lack of convection, you wouldn’t instantly freeze
  2. Your blood boils because of the reduced pressure
  3. No. The reduced pressure will cause the air in your lungs to explode



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