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Economical Writing – Advanced level English

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I was given a Destak newspaper at the metro station this morning and decided to use one article I found interesting to work on a skill some call ‘writing economically ‘. After reading the article, I wrote two extracts about it. A longer version and a caption which I will share with you. It took me good 25 minutes of intensive thinking to complete both of them and I got lots of practice. As advanced level students, we have to discover ways to sharpen our skills and make complex concepts sink in. Here’s one of the ways:

The first Rio de Janeiro slum dates back to the 19th century when a war took place in Bahia known as “Guerra de Canudos”. Years later, other slums gathered around the city and today they are ruled by drug overlords. As a result, Rio de Janeiro residents have had to deal with violence on a daily basis and this reality seems to be a permanent one

With its origin in the 19th century the Canudos war and the first Brazilian slum Morro da Providência has triggered a seemingly immutable reality in Rio de Janeiro – violence

The idea is to feel comfortable if you either have to lengthen or shorten what you have to say. The process of doing it will get you mileage and your English should start sounding more refined and polished.

Good luck!

Teacher Leo

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